Liam Heitman-Rice

Creative Writing

Death by Numbers

One two, one two, me and you, We are caught in a ladder of numbers: the years roll out and scroll up. Watch them pass us by, through our toes and fingers, how they fly how they fly! Heyho: one day we’ll die. Three four, three four, all this and more. As the times pass…

Creative Writing

Caffeine and Cocoa

“What would you like?” Daniel asked. Will grinned. “Can I push my luck and ask for one of those deluxe hot chocolates?” “You won’t have any teeth left by the end of it, but sure.” Daniel ordered the drink, with an Americano for himself. “I can chip in for that if you like.” “No, I’ve…

Creative Writing, Venue

I, who watches

I have not a coin in my purse, but this weighs as no consequence. Nor am I a lonely man, hence I am rich in friends. My wealth lies in those acquaintances with whom I make habit to chatter and- pontificate, drink tea and eat cake, Supermarket beer exchanged with a clink of glass necks,…

Creative Writing


His name was Hans and he gave me red wine. The apartment was pristine, mostly white with a few loud splatters of red paintings. The white sofa did not have a blanket draped over its arm, nor did any cushion nestle in its corners. Dimly lit, it was a space occupied mostly by the quiet…

Creative Writing

A Boy At The Bar

All I have to do is say ‘Hi’. He’s not going to stab you, is he? No, you idiot. Right, just go up there and stand next to him, buy a drink – yes, finish the one in your hand and get another one. Don’t worry about your hair, it’s fine IT LOOKS FINE. Do…

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