Linnea Hawkings


Holiday help

If, like the beloved snowman from Frozen, the dream of the elusive summer is what keeps you sane at this point of the academic year, you are not alone. However, along with the excitement comes the anxiety of how to spend it. There is no prescriptive plan for the perfectly balanced summer, since every student…


Beating the stress of exam season

With much of Norwich’s greenery blossoming into meadows of daffodils, the turning point of the spring/summer season is here. A turning point for more than just weather: it is often a time for the closing of one door, ready for the next to open. For some, this means it’s time to swap the 11:00 biscuit…


The side effects of emergency contraception

Whilst watching another chick-flick to get through the Easter break loneliness, I came upon a scene whereby an 18-year-old had whimsically had unprotected sex at her prom, taken the ‘morning after pill’ and then carried on her merry way, only to find she still wound up pregnant. I thought it was great that the film…


Getting spiked

So we have all seen The Hangover, laughing at the guys’ cluelessness as to their antics the night before, but how funny is it when this confusion becomes your reality? Last week I found myself waking up in my friend’s bed with a brutally sore chest, sandpaper mouth and the one kind of bracelet I…


Lasting new year’s resolutions

We have had the crescendo of Christmas and new year, summer seems a long way off and the only countdown now is towards coursework deadlines and looming exams. Don’t despair yet! There’s something you can look forward to after all, a happier you. No, this is not quite the ‘new year, new me’ spiel. Rather…

June 2022
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