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UEA Live: Autumn 2021 Lineup

UEA Live is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a bang! The festival is dedicated to celebrating creativity across all platforms and literary types, inspiring audiences to read and create until their hearts are content. This event celebrates authors from all origins in a brilliant, beautiful way, and this year is no different.  UEA Live will…


Jim Moore Book Review

For our last issue, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Moore about his book series, and I was desperate to read them.  ‘Radulf the Aetherling’ sees a recently orphaned Rat Prince come to terms with his newfound Kingship. Alongside his close friend Runcorn, he must take his displaced subjects elsewhere, crossing dangerous rivers and…

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Fractured Friendships

You were numb, but it had to be done. You told them straight up that you two were growing apart. That you no longer felt good for each other. They had stopped confiding in you, you knew that much, but you didn’t know why. You knew they made you feel awful, like you were walking…

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Four of UEA’s LDC Professors Join the List of Fellows of the Prestigious Royal Society of Literature

The Royal Society of Literature has appointed four of UEA’s own LDC academics.  On Tuesday 6th July, the RSL announced 44 new appointments, celebrating writers of astounding merit. The 29 new RSL Fellows include Professors Vesna Goldsworthy, Tessa McWatt, and Rebecca 6th. Among the 15 new Honorary Fellows is Emeritus Professor Jon Cook.  The RSL…

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May 2022
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