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25 scenes that made cinema today

1993 – Schindlers List In a film that was full of horrific moments, nothing stood out more than the shot of the little girl in the red coat, symbolising that war affects us all. 1994 – Pulp Fiction  No film speech will ever compare with the biblical vengeance of Jules (Sam L. Jackson) in this…


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Victoria (2015) A revolution in cinematic history, Victoria tells the story of a girl on a night out in Berlin – but incredibly, it’s filmed continuously in one single take. Yet, aside from its technical achievement, the film showcases amazing talent, fantastic plot and beautiful cinematography. – Willa Hope Rhymes for Young Ghouls (2013) This…


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ex machina (2015) This is a romantic thriller … with robots. Ex Machina is an A.I. film like you’ve never seen, dealing with the beauty, bizarreness and devastating consequences of robotic programming. Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and  Alicia Vikander are a dream cast who help to bring generous portions of humanity to a story that…


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Seven Psychopaths (2012) A man with writer’s block gets more than his fair share of inspiration when his life is filled with vengeful murderers and kidnapped dogs. This is a darkly comical and comically dark story that pokes fun at everything from serial killers, to Shih Tzus, to the Hollywood Dream and still has a…

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Filth (2013)  Corruption in the Edinburgh police force, drug abuse, borderline-personality disorder … it could only be another Irvine Welsh film. Starring James McAvoy as the psychopathic Detective Sergeant Bruce, this film is trippy, terrifying and darkly comical. Despite Bruce’s sadistic and megalomaniacal pursuits, you can’t help but sympathise with his broken shell of a…

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