Lucas Cumiskey

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Home office wrongly deported 48,000 students, rules tribunal

The Home Secretary wrongly deported 48,000 students and 70% of those affected are of Indian origin according to a tribunal. The scandal began with a BBC Panorama programme in 2014, which investigated the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) that was run by ETS from an East London school. Panorama’s revelation was the catalyst…


The government’s handling of industrial relations

The junior doctors held their fourth strike on Wednesday 6th April of in protest to the Conservative government, who are extending the doctors’ working week to include Saturday’s and overseeing a ‘top down’ reorganisation of the NHS. Furthermore, The British Medical Association has announced there will be a “full withdrawal of labour between the hours…


Battle for Brexit

The EU referendum is a divisive issue spanning from socialist left to the far right of the political spectrum, and neither Labour nor the Conservatives can boast of having a party united behind a common position. The debate has given rise to unlikely alliances, for example the union of George Galloway with Ukip’s Farage and…

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