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It’s not that easy being green

The number of people switching to a plant-based diet is increasing. It is widely regarded as being better for the planet to consume less meat, but how valid are these claims? Is it just a trend?   It is well known that the mass production of meat, particularly beef, has a massive impact on the planet’s…

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Shocking Sleeves

Fuck World Trade – Leftover Crack Lucy Burrows When thinking of a controversial album cover, one that came to mind, for example, Nirvana’s Nevermind, which features a naked baby in a swimming pool. However, a truly controversial album cover would be Leftover Crack with their album Fuck World Trade which depicts the world trade centre…


Science Snapshots

Avian Flu Prevention Norwich based scientists have produced a diagnostic tool to help identify Avian Flu; a contagious disease which can spread globally through infected birds. The device created by Prof. David Russell and Prof. Rob Field will minimise the risk of a UK pandemic by providing rapid and early diagnosis. Improving Photography The use…


Research sheds new light on Antarctic

Dr Dorothee Bakker of UEA’s School of Environmental Sciences is amongst a team who has shown that processes far out at sea are the most important factors determining C02 is absorption. The research challenges theories surrounding the relationship between C02 levels in the atmosphere and the polar Antarctic Ocean.


Predicting pollen

 Did you know the term ‘Hay Fever’ comes from the assumption that symptoms associated with an allergy to pollen were brought on by hay? In the future, pollen allergy is likely to increase due to climate change and currently effects 1 in 5 people worldwide.


Hyposexuality and asexuality: what’s the difference?

In the words of Salt ‘n’ Pepa, ‘Let’s talk about sex, baby’. But what if sex was the last thing on your mind and even the thought of it made you uneasy? In today’s society, people are very open to conversations about sex, especially the younger generations who often share with friends details of their…

June 2021
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