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Essential viewing: LGBTQ+ films

As a queer girl and a film lover, finding movies that tell the stories of the LGBTQ+ community always makes me very happy. Here are some of my favourites! Tangerine (2015) dir. Sean Baker This film is now considered a queer cult classic, and the IMDb trivia page is well worth diving into. Following two…


Essential viewing: Recent Films Directed by Women

From the soft, adolescent comfort of ​Lady Bird​ (2017) to the sickeningly tense ​The Babadook ​(2014),​ ​consider this a brief list of women-directed films that, I hope, can offer something for every type of cinephile. The Breaker Upperers ​(2018), directed by Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek This anti-romantic comedy is somehow cynical of love…


Three must-see plays written by women

One of the things that I feel most personally robbed of by the pandemic is the cosy ritual of going to the theatre. Having always been a theatre kid at heart, I’ve found comfort in reading the plays I so desperately miss seeing live. Here are three iconic plays by female writers to keep your…


‘Use us or lose us’, coffee shop owner says

After almost a year of ongoing lockdowns and a new average of sixty UK stores closing every day, the owner of Alchemista Coffee Company says that many independent coffee shops “won’t be around anymore” after the pandemic. He asserts that COVID-19 “will take some businesses down. There’s no two ways about it.” Dennis Bacon, who…


‘Music makes me present’: Kitty Fitz talks about dissociation, girl gangs, and the positives of quarantine

Kitty Fitz is an alternative pop musician based in South East London, currently on her third release. Her Spotify biography describes her as a ‘self-confessed liability’. Kitty’s music blends electronic synth and electric guitar. The production, often done by Kitty herself, is layered with dreamy vocals and poetic lyricism about love, mental health, and loneliness….

April 2021
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