Mariah Feria


Australia: the traveller’s favourite

Throughout the year, thousands of like-minded backpackers set off to that mysterious land down-under, with whom we somehow share a Queen. Australia has become the ‘go-to’ place for young travellers. It is often a starting point for an even more epic adventure, or a more permanent residence thanks to working-holiday visas (I was surprised to…


Spanish cuisine: the unsung food of Europe

For many of us, when we think of European cuisine, the food giants of French and Italy immediately spring to mind. These countries are renowned for their exquisite delicacies, and rightly so. However there is another contender perched quietly on the edge of the Mediterranean – Spain. The different regions of the country each offer…


The changing face of travellers

After taking STA Travel’s ‘Travel Tribe’ quiz on their Facebook page, where users can find out what kind of traveller they are, I started thinking about travelling in general and the different trips that people choose to embark on. I came out as part of the ‘Free Wheeler Tribe’, which means I like going with…