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Britain’s migrant deal with Rwanda

The landlocked East African country of Rwanda is due to become the potential home of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in the UK as part of a controversial scheme negotiated by Home Secretary Priti Patel. In a speech discussing the government’s new migration and economic development partnership, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, “anyone entering the…


Turning Green Press Release: Climate Change Action Survey Seeks Gen Z Student Perspectives

Environmental nonprofit Turning Green has launched a global survey on climate change action, seeking input from tens of thousands of college and university students. The survey will assess student knowledge of climate change and ideas for solutions-based climate action.   Titled “Anxiety to Action,” the survey in part stems from the ideas of Stephen Kirk, a…


How to apologise, properly

Let’s say you’ve messed up– you spilled a secret you swore to protect, forgot an anniversary, or broke your mum’s priceless family heirloom. I am, sadly, guilty of all three. In either scenario, you’ve upset one party by breaking an element of trust and you’re now faced with trying to ameliorate the situation with an…

Climate Change, Science

Interview with conservation group WildEast’s co-founder, Hugh Somerleyton DL

“We pledge, we educate, we grow”– a simple but profound summary of the pillars of conservation organisation, WildEast, as provided in my interview with co-founder Hugh Somerleyton DL. Similarly to ongoing projects in regions of Brazil, Romania and even Yellowstone, USA, the eastern region of England has its own group dedicated to protecting and restoring…


Could farm animals solve the organ donor crisis?

For many who spend years on organ donor lists, the long wait may soon be coming to an unusual end. Thanks to a common farm animal– the pig-  the medical practice of transferring tissues and organs from one species to another (xenotransplantation) has reached new levels, with an entire heart being successfully implanted. The owner…

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August 2022
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