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US submits climate change pledges to UN

The United States recently pledged to the United Nations to cut carbon pollution by up to 28% in order to reduce the effects of global warming. Tuesday 31st March was the informal deadline set by the UN for countries to submit their climate commitments to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that will…


UK economy is paying the price for environmental deterioration

Last January, The Natural Capital Committee (NCC) published a report warning that the UK’s wellbeing and economy is paying the price for a decline in natural environment. In 2011, the coalition government set up the NCC to investigate the role natural environment plays in the country and what parts of the natural world are used…


EU parliament changes rules on GM crops

Last Tuesday the EU parliament voted for a piece of legislation that grants all the states in the EU more freedom over the way they deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Member states will in fact henceforth be allowed to ban or approve the cultivation of GM crops in their territories. GMOs cultivation is perhaps…


President Obama to expand Pacific Ocean marine conservation area

Last month Barack Obama signed a statement to expand a marine reserve in the south- central Pacific Ocean, aiming at protecting more of the world’s oceans. This reserve, which includes tropical islands and atolls such as Wake Island, Johnson Atoll, Jarvis Island and others, was previously established in 2006 by George Bush. The aim was…

Science, World Cup 2014

Is Brazil 2014 the greenest World Cup yet?

This year’s World Cup promised to be the most sustainable so far, but are the organisers of Brazil 2014 keeping their word? In their program, FIFA showed that they wanted to address environmental issues and minimize their carbon footprint. However, the current situation is making people wonder whether the games are really as sustainable as…

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