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The Last of Us Part II Review

“Phew.” That was my feeling when I finished Naughty Dog’s successor to their acclaimed 2013 title. Not a “phew, I’m glad that’s over because it was awful”, more of a “phew, I’m glad that’s over because I’m not sure I could have managed much more of this tension”. It’s a hard game to review without…

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The Cream of the Crop 2019-20

And there we have it, a whole year of Concrete and Venue has flown by, a whole year of fantastic articles, Post Pub-Pub, and office antics. It has been wonderful to end my university experience as part of this wonderful team and I hope many of you are encouraged to apply for editor positions when…

Gaming, Venue

Where are all the mothers?

During lockdown I, like many, have abandoned all summatives and turned my focus to pure procrastination, treating myself in the Spring Sales far too much and replaying some beloved golden oldies. It was starting ‘God of War (2018)’ from the beginning for the umpteenth time that made me realise the lack of motherhood (for better…

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Special Gems

Hendrickje Stoffels by Rembrandt My special gem is the ‘Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels’ by Rembrandt that hangs in the London National Gallery. While the painter tends to be well known for his dark and stoic portraits of wealthy men, this piece is a tender and intimate creation stemming from love and admiration. It’s a gem…

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Let’s talk about sex

In light of the Concrete Sex and Drug Survey, I felt it was a good time to discuss sex in gaming (there’s not that many natural opportunities I will admit): what’s been done well, what has been done (really) bad, and what should we be looking for in the future? Let’s take a look at…

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