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Matt Branston

Matt Branston

Comment Editor - 2019/20

Co-Deputy Editor - 2020/21

2020 has not gone well, but this ragu recipe will

I originally wrote this editorial about how great my life was going despite how awful 2020 has been. Well, that dropped like...

One Huge Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Diversity

At the 1968 Olympic Games, Tommie Smith, setting a world record, came first in the 200m sprint, with John Carlos placing third. After the...

The Wire: Undeniably America

When it begins, The Wire seems like a regular police procedural, where the bad guys are drug dealers who are ready to...

UEA cancels entry onto 16 courses

UEA has cancelled entry onto 16 courses for the 2020/21 academic year due to concerns over the ability to properly deliver other...

Pneumonia machine used for Coronavirus

A study which identifies the causes of a patient’s pneumonia is being temporarily refocused to help with earlier optimisation of treatment during...

UK Universities fear coronavirus impact

UK universities fear that the coronavirus impact on international students studying in the UK will have a dire impact on the level...