Matthew Biggs


Wider implications of AI

Automation is happening. We can deny it no longer. This year, the world’s largest electronics company, Foxconn – known for manufacturing Apple, Google and Microsoft products – laid off 60,000 factory workers to have them replaced by robots. Others will follow suit. The Queen announced the government’s plans for new legislation making provisions for driverless…


Should compulsory religious assemblies in schools be scrapped?

Anyone who had the misfortune of attending a Church of England school will remember the arduous ordeal that was the morning school assembly. An old, middle-class authoritarian would stand at the front of the hall (which doubled as a gym during PE lessons), reciting the Lord’s Prayer, whilst you sat on the hard, parquet floor…


The absurdity of Jeremy Hunt’s “cultural signal”

In spite of criticism of the cuts being made to Working Tax Credits (WTCs), Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has defended the Conservative Welfare Bill, labelling the cuts as “a very important cultural signal”. He went on to compare the British economy with the Chinese economy, stating: “My wife is Chinese, and if we want this…