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Can Iraq ever recover from the legacy of 2003?

The seemingly unstoppable march of ISIS/ISIL (now the Islamic State, IS) through much of Iraq and some of Syria has quickly rekindled the vociferous...

America and Iran have challenges yet to come

In light of progressive talks last week, Matthew Finucane looks in to the American relationship with Iran.

War: a game the UK should no longer be playing

Matthew Finucane argues that the UK parliament made the correct decision in avoiding conflict with Syria.

France’s Mali mission mistakes

French forces in Mali should be cautious to avoid the mistakes it has made in the past, warns Matthew Finucane.

A question of honour

The concept of the professional soldier has existed since the dawn of civilisation. For about the same time, it has been a profession enshrined in “glory”, “honour” and “sacrifice”.

Slow start for The Sun on Sunday

26 February marked what The Sun editor Dominic Mohan called a "truly historic moment in newspaper publishing" - the launch of News International's latest publication, The Sun on Sunday.