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Matthew Protz


The Clash – London Calling – Throwback Review

Matt Protz picked London Calling - The Clash as number five of the 70s top ten album countdown.

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run – Throwback review

Matt Protz picks Springsteen's Born to Run as number 10 of the 70's album countdown.

Conservative myths behind taking action on drug addicts

Matthew Protz critically discusses proposed methods of action to counter drug use.

Blind faith in the law leads to an immoral Government

Matthew Protz argues that blind faith in the law is similar to a child accepting a parents views of right and wrong, without developing their own ideas.

Legalise them or not, the classification of drugs needs to change

Matthew Protz asks why there is a mis-match in classifying drugs, and explains how this could be misleading

Climate change: a moral issue

We forget that there is something science can’t tell us; that is, what we ought to do, and given the information provided by climatologists, taking action becomes unquestionable.