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Matt Tidby


Vicious – review

Matt Tidby reviews the launch of ITV's Vicious, and is less than impressed.

Fantastic females – Game of Thrones

The success of HBO’s hit blood-soaked, swords-and-swearing fantasy epic Game of Thrones is rooted in the show’s broad appeal, and its genre-defying representation of women.
Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents is part of a wider, long-term trend in youth sexuality on television; a spectrum of extreme behaviour, ‘shock and awe’ sexual representation to entice an audience into outrage, and crucially, viewership.

Spies of Warsaw, part 1 – review

BBC 4's latest ambitious drama is held together with atmospheric direction although it's rather slow to get going.

Merlin – the finale

Venue bids farewell to one family-friendly legend, as a far darker mythology hits our screens.

Doctor Who – Christmas preview

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas with ‘The Snowmen’, with Matt Smith’s normally exuberant Doctor at an uncharacteristic low ebb.