Max Wrigley


Dating while trans makes me feel like an outsider

Content warning: mental health decline, references to self-harm and overdoses. Being transgender has multiple hurdles and blocks to move and overcome. Mental health and dating have proven to be my two biggest challenges to date. Prior to the pandemic, I had battled the healthcare system and, since starting testosterone in 2017, I have already had…


Should children get the vaccine?

In recent weeks, Covid vaccinations have started to roll out for under-16s. However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding people asking whether children should be eligible for it. Some people say they shouldn’t be offered it, whereas others are saying they should. When they are young, children are given vaccines to protect them…



Despite the UK’s lockdown restrictions lifting on 21st June, UEA have made the decision to postpone graduation – again. The Class of 2021 will be the second cohort to miss out on a graduation ceremony after the Class of 2020 ceremony was postponed as a result of the first lockdown in late March. Soon-to-be graduates…


What is the point of a review?

For this issue we asked some of our writers the question ‘what is the point of a review?’ Enjoy! Music reviews: a love-hate relationship. Some people like them, some don’t mind them and some hate them. They aren’t a mandatory requirement for people to write or read, and they come down to personal choice. The…


Trump’s no-show no surprise

It is tradition for former presidents to attend inaugurations. As a peaceful transition of power, only seven presidents in history have failed to attend their successor’s inauguration. The last was Andrew Johnson in 1869. However, on 20th January, Donald Trump decided to make a back door exit into his jet and leave Washington DC for…


The Pretty Reckless

If your favourite artist hasn’t released an album in a number of years, they’re either on a hiatus that you didn’t know about, or they’ve given up completely. After their third album Who You Selling For, I thought this was the case with The Pretty Reckless. There had been a four-year gap between their début…

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December 2021
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