Maya Coomarasamy

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The cult of Supreme

If you find yourself walking through the streets of SoHo and stumble across a queue of hundreds of young people eagerly awaiting something, you might assume a movie star or singer is in the vicinity. However, the more plausible answer, is that you’ve stumbled across a Supreme shop.  Instantly recognisable (whether you’re a fashion fanatic…

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Beauty trends of the decade

Whilst makeup has been and will always be very personal and individual, we cannot deny that there have been overarching themes throughout this last decade. In the relatively short space of ten years, popular aesthetics within makeup has changed to an arguably rather extreme extent.  The Early 2010’s I personally feel like this time period…

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Cult fashion documentaries

The fashion world has a reputation of being extremely exclusive and operating behind closed doors, and while this is generally true, there is a huge host of documentaries that give fashion fanatics the opportunity to learn more about this covetable and secret industry. Showing everything from how the biggest magazines are run, to the perosnal…

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I want Scandi

In the past, Scandinavian style has been associated with minimalism and a muted colour palette, but that couldn’t be further from what the fashion girls and bloggers are wearing on the streets of Copenhagen and Stockholm right now. Unafraid of colour, big sleeves and in perfectly tailored jackets, the Scandi way of dressing brings some…

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