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Tiny house-living with the Whiskered Treeswift

As an amateur nature buff, I’m constantly amazed and surprised by the experts around me – these are people with a fantastic amount of knowledge, who are normally more than willing to share. I’ve developed small obsessions with Alie Ward’s ‘Ologies’ podcast, been tipped off to the wonders of the Knepp Wildland Rewildling podcast by…


UEA Launches the Sustainable UEA Awards

Nominations have now opened for the SustainableUEA Awards: a new programme that recognises the sustainable efforts and achievements of staff and students at UEA.   The programme aims to celebrate the work of students and staff in making UEA a more sustainable place –  as well as efforts to make local, regional and international communities more…

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Three young people are suing the UK Government

On December 12th, three young British-citizens launched a campaign to sue the UK Government for its domestic and international violations of human rights, exactly five years after the UK adopted the landmark Paris Climate Agreement. The campaign, ‘Global Majority vs. UK Gov’, is backed by climate litigation charity Plan B and the Stop The Maangamizi…


Should it be this hot?

It’s looking up for youth climate activism. Activists across the world gear up for a year of mobilisation, protest, and disruption in the lead up to the UN COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow. According to the BBC, the ‘COP26 event is a global summit about climate change and what nations are planning to do to…


This is now our planet

‘A Life On Our Planet’ documents the beloved naturalist’s, Sir David Attenborough, 94 years on our planet. From playing in the woods as a child, to exploring untouched wildernesses as a young man and, later, communicating the wonders of nature to millions of viewers. Although this may sound like a celebration, ‘A Life On Our…


What’s up and what’s not?

Things are looking up for biodiversity on UEA campus. Students from the UEA Conservation and Wildlife Society (CAWS) and Sustainability Society have joined forces with SU Environment officer Eva Korcynzki and the UEA Landscape Management Team to begin rewilding UEA. The project was conceived by Sustainability Society President Meg Watts and CAWS president Lucie Johnson;…

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