Megan Baynes


When I accidentally adopted a roommate

The prospect of sacrificing your personal space and sharing a room with a total stranger is probably the most off-putting part of study abroad. Americans have this weird obsession with rooming students together, and whilst everywhere else in the developed world seems to have accepted that 18-23 year olds like privacy, Clark University in Massachusetts…


Review: Mamma Mia! dazzles at Theatre Royal

The warnings on the theatre doors of ‘strobe lighting’ are my first clue that Mamma Mia! is more than just a musical, and it is the first sign that I going to be both literally and figuratively dazzled. This is the first time the hit musical has graced the stage of the Theatre Royal and…


‘PREVENT stopped me studying the modules I wanted,’ says student

A UEA student has spoken out about how government legislation PREVENT kept him from choosing to study modules that interest him. Muqaddam Malik made the comments at the SU’s event ‘Is it ethical to monitor students?’ last week. The PREVENT strategy is government legislation aimed at preventing the radicalisation of young people in the UK,…

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