Megan Baynes

Editor's column

The afterlife of university

“So what are you plans post-graduation?” This is quite possibly the most annoying question any soon-to-be graduate can be asked. I know most people fly into an irrational bout of rage as soon as anyone dares to utter these words anywhere within a three-mile vicinity, however, perhaps it is time the face the facts: graduation…


Window falls off Nelson Court in Storm Doris

A window has blown off a room in Nelson court leaving it open to damage from Storm Doris. Harry, Jacob, Jordan and Georgia, who are all first years living in Nelson Court, spoke to Concrete earlier this evening. They said: “the window was hanging from the latch earlier this afternoon [pictured]. It then fell off…


Busted @ The LCR

I can’t be the only one who cried a little when Busted announced their reunion tour, Pigs Can Fly, last year. When they announced they were coming to UEA for a two-night special I was far too excited to see them, more than any normal 23-year-old should be. It was the chance to relive my year…

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