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Are we biased against introverts?

Anyone who attended Working With Words -an annual event, run by UEA Career Central, about working in the creative industries- may have noticed a number of themes running throughout the day’s various panel discussions: the importance of work experience in your chosen field, for example, or of getting involved with clubs and societies whilst at…


British teenagers most illiterate in developed world

A global study has revealed that English teenagers are the most illiterate and the second most innumerate in the developed world. There have been calls for a change in attitude towards education to improve basic skills. The Operation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has found in a study that English teens “had the lowest…


The importance and impact of word choice

Oxford Dictionaries have been forced to review the wording used in their definitions, following suggestions that some of their content was sexist, sparking a debate about whether or not sexism and other forms of discrimination are inherent in aspects of our language. The discussion was started when the Canadian anthropologist Michael Oman-Reagan tweeted the dictionary…


Has Nicky Morgan failed to understand safeguarding?

It appears the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, in her quest to misunderstand almost every aspect of the British school system, has taken a further step into the absurd. As a part of her latest plans, new measures are to be introduced that would require schools in England to set up online filters and monitor their…

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Pay gap: female graduates earn £8,000 less

A report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission at the end of December last year has found that on average, women graduates earn £8,000 pounds less than their male counterparts. These findings highlight the scale of the task still to be achieved over women’s equality in the workplace, even after 45 years since…

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UEA student questioned by Special Branch over Isis course reading

A UEA student has been questioned by counter-terrorism police after accessing pro-Islamic State (Isis) material online as part of their course reading. Students taking Clash of Fundamentalisms, a third-year PPL module, were directed to read passages from Dabiq, the online Isis-supporting magazine. Concrete understands that links to the Islamist material were posted on Blackboard, but…


Global review of the year 2015

As it’s our last issue of the year, Global is taking a look back at 2015. Reporting by Caitlin Doherty, Grace Fothergill, Lillie Coles, Sophie Atherton, Meg Bradbury and Tom Gordon. [su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”January”] 7th January – Charlie Hebdo attacks Saïd and Chérif Kouachi broke into the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and killed 11…

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UEA performs poorly on coursework return times

The results of the National Student Survey 2015 published on the 12th August revealed that UEA has fallen to 168th place nationwide amongst all higher education institutions for satisfaction on coursework return times. Despite UEA performing highly for overall student satisfaction, students appeared to be significantly dissatisfied when asked whether “feedback on my work has…

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