Melissa Haggar


House MD: Oldie but goldie

While characteristics such as narcissistic, misanthropic and  bitter might lead your mind to conjure up another famous figure, we are indeed referring to everyone’s beloved sarcastic, sociopathic surgeon, Dr Gregory House – not the melted orange wax work. Although House (Hugh Laurie) often earned the ire of all who worked under him, above him, or…


Hidden Figures

Amongst the list of ‘Awards’ films this season, Hidden Figures takes place in 1961, as the United States locks horns (or space helmets) with the USSR in a bid to be the first to go where no man has ever gone before. But underneath all this space supremacy are the individuals who helped make it…


The lego batman movie

In a world where Lego reigns supreme, a brooding brick Batman (Will Arnett) eagerly awaits his latest big screen debut. It’s a curious scenario, a tiny toy securing his own big movie deal, but it’s a familiar one none the less, one spurred on by the astronomical success of The Lego Movie in 2014. And…


Film review: A Monster Calls

A talking tree. An emotionally-wrought boy. An unbridled imagination. At first glance, A Monster Calls may strike you as a delightfully dotty affair akin to The BFG, but it is far darker and more heart-breaking than you’d anticipate. Written by and based on Patrick Ness’ novel, the film details the story of Conor O’Malley (Lewis…

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