Mia Shah


‘I lived in constant fear’

These are the words of Nazma Khan, who founded World Hijab Day, which was on 1 February 2018. Khan immigrated to New York from Bangladesh when she was just 11. ‘Wearing a hijab was a direct sign that I was Muslim, I lived in constant fear. I was called names such as Osama Bin Laden…


Private halls comment box

Should the university be opening itself up to promoting premium accommodation that is unaffordable for most of its students? My first thought was no. UEA(SU) is there to support the best interest of students and surely advertising extortionately priced accommodation to students seems to undermine this. However, upon further consideration, I somewhat no longer disagree….


Rising train fares

Travel is a major part of the student experience, and no I don’t mean the fun kind. I’m talking about travelling between university and home. According to Education Phase, students travel on average 91 miles away from home to university, and the most common form of transport taken is the train. Train fares in the…

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