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Michael Drummond


Free press under threat? – The state of UK journalism

Michael Drummond assesses the state of UK journalism in light of recent events such as the NSA leaks and phone-hacking scandal.

Universities adapt to funding changes

Michael Drummond on the financial challenges facing UK universities.

Further criticism for tuition fee rise

Labour has attacked the government’s policy on tuition fees amid claims that there is a £1 billion deficit at the core of the scheme.

Assessment feedback inadequate

The 2012 UEA Student Experience survey results show that assessment feedback approval has taken a hit. Feedback satisfaction has fallen by over 10% across several Arts and Humanities schools.

UEA’s golden summer

UEA staff and students were among thousands involved in London 2012.

Union hopes to increase voting turnout

The Union of UEA Students had put a number of new strategies in place in order to increase voting turnout in today’s student elections.