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Mike Vinti

A failed musician at only 19, Mike has swapped dreams of rock glory for a desire to be part of Kanye West’s entourage. He will be spending his third year editing the music section in hopes that his dissertation will write itself and in the Norwich Arts Centre for similar reasons. Now bestowed with officially good taste in music, Mike can be found shouting at random passers-by about the artistic significance of Death Grips in hopes of finding a soulmate.

I Want My MTV

British TV is more universally popular than it’s been for quite some time; between Downton Abbey, the continued popularity of Doctor Who and Sherlock...

I Love You Honeybear

Father John Misty’s second offering, I Love You Honeybear, sees everyone’s favourite fictional priest tackle falling in love and, given the nature of his...

Mike Vinti looks at the benefits of legalising cannabis and argues...

Recently, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagard, came out in hives of praise for David Cameron and George Osborne after...

Review: Black Messiah D’Angelo and the Vanguard

As the fuzzy guitars of the opening track Ain’t That Easy wobble into life it becomes clear that a lot has happened to D’Angelo...

Going M.A.D.

Music editor Mike Vinti Chats to Felix Clarke and Thom White, founders of Norwich’s M.A.D Collective

Past-Punk: The Modern Sound of Dissent

Politics and Music have always had something of a convoluted relationship and for every artist out there wearing their political heart on their sleeve...