Milly Godfrey


Zebra Shark has Virgin Birth

In a breathtaking transition for sexual to asexual reproduction, Leonie the zebra shark has given birth without a mate. Leonie, homed at the REEF HQ Aquarium in Townsville, Australia, had several litters with a mate before the two were separated in 2012. Having lived apart from males for the past few years, her keepers were…


Working in Greece: the ideal holiday

It’s the type of summer you see on your friend’s-friend’s Facebook page, having stalked them one lonely and fairly bored night fueled by a little bit of wine and lot of exhaustion. The kind of Instagram worthy photos that feel so far from your own reality. It was sun and sea and wonderful company and…


Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan

Miley Cyrus hopped off the plane in LAX and I hopped off at Philadelphia International Airport. Less glamorous, more nerve-wracking, but equally as surreal, I’m sure. Everyone enters into their year abroad nervous, not knowing what to expect, but somehow hoping for the best year of their lives. The stories of previous years, encouraged us…