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Catalonia declares independence

After years of public demonstrations demanding Catalan independence, political opposition, and finishing with the violent reaction of the Spanish national police, the Catalan parliament voted for a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain. The vote followed a referendum at the start of the month in which, despite being declared as illegal and anti-constitutional by the…

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Tickets for a tenner: Hedda Gabler at Norwich Theatre Royal

Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler is currently brought to tour by the National Theatre and is set to visit Norwich from 7-11 November. The production, centred on a free-spirited, newly married women who feels trapped in her new relationship, takes the audience on a journeys of emotions embodied by Hedda’s complex and destructive personality, which leads the character…

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‘Passport to art’ for students

Earlier this month, Art Fund announced its new £5 Student Art Pass which offers university students a free or a discounted entry to over 240 cultural venues and  50 percent off the price of student entry to major exhibitions across the UK. Amongst others, one of the centres supporting the scheme is The Sainsbury Centre…


Review of Ella Dorman-Gajic’s ‘Did I Choose These Shoes?’ and Olly Watson’s ‘A Thatcher’s Guide To Dogging In Bungay!’.

Starting with a gentle session of life music, including unexpected guitar tuning and beautiful duet songs, the fundraiser that Olly Watson and Ella Dorman-Gajic organised was an intimate show that made us all enjoy a night of political messages, laughs and independent poetry. Held in the romantic and intimate venue of The Bicycle Shop, the…


Catalonia’s hopes for sovereignty being threatened by Spain

Catalonia’s demands for the right to decide on their independence from Spain have been increasing since 2010, when the Spanish Constitutional Court declared its Statute of Autonomy partially unconstitutional after being criticised for referring to Catalonia as a “nation”. Yet, Catalonia has its own unique history, culture and language, and Catalan public opinion has been…


“The independence of Catalonia should be supported by any defender of democracy”

The Catalan government’s process towards the right to self-determination has become one of the biggest issues in the Spanish political field. The massive amount of support amongst the Catalan citizens for self-determination, which obtained an overall majority in the last parliamentary elections and which has led millions of people to march on the streets every…

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