Molly Welsh


Activist art

“If anything, art is […] about morals, about our belief in humanity. Without that, there is simply no art” -Ai Weiwei Art is everywhere and, arguably, everything. We are now interconnected in ways that we would have never deemed possible years ago. The world is an active global community that could transform our struggles into…

Creative Writing


Found my body washed upon the shore and panting The love that my soul shared reminded me of swimming And I remembered my child heart singing for the ocean. A wreck upon the ocean floor I remember the water in my lungs. Drowning and gasping breaths, I found that I could breathe again. I would…

Arts, Venue

Valuing arts and crafts

The world of art is a prestigious one that can often seem mysterious to the ordinary eye. We stand back and admire, usually in awe or confusion, and wish that we could create something of similar wonder. Art galleries can sometimes seem daunting and impersonal if one lacks artistic experience. Perhaps crafts are the gateway…

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