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Undiscovered theatrical gems

The success of a play lies not only in its action and dialogue, but equally it’s translation to the stage. There are many plays recognised as having mastered this craft; all the same, there are plenty of hidden gems from lesser-known playwrights, whose power matches up to any critically aclaimed theatrical master piece. Here are…

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Absinthe – A Liquid Alchemy

Certianly, drugs are bad, but who can deny the volume of artisitc endeavours that are born out of their effects? The clichéd image of the alcoholic poet or cocaine-sniffing artist that plagues the art world of the 21st century is a product of the history of the twisted relations between the artist and their respective…

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Venue’s Music Playlist – No. 317

The Libertines – Gunga Din The Libertines don’t seem to have changed their sound much since making a comeback, which just goes to show how timeless they are as an indie-punk rock band, even after a huge 11 year absence. Their third album Anthems For Doomed Youth was released back in September, along with their…

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