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The tide’s coming in

In the hustle and bustle of the booming industry that is music streaming, the likes of Spotify, Apple and YouTube are now been faced with a new competitor. Tidal, officially launched on Monday 30th March, has sparked global interest from on-the-go music lovers. Aside from the tremendously awkward standing around by artists like Beyoncé and…

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Single Player Symphony

For many of us, the soundtracks to our beloved childhoods were born from the greatness of the 8-bit video game era. Is there anything better than the hypnotic sounds waves of your Nintendo ES echoing into your ear? In joyous celebration of these timeless classics, I present a casual, yet nostalgic, stroll down memory card…

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Review: Smoke + Mirrors

After a successful 2014, from performances at the Grammys and the Billboard Music Awards to having their track Battle Cry released for the blockbuster movie Transformers: Age of  Extinction, American super group Imagine Dragons released their second studio album on the 17th February. Smoke + Mirrors, the title of the album and third song on…

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Rae of Light

From being longlisted on BBC Sound of 2015, to making her way on to the Billboard and the Twitter Emerging Artists chart with Unguarded, it comes as no surprise that this Blackpool-born artist has made such a name for herself. In the midst of her first UK headlining tour, singer/songwriter Rae Morris takes a few…

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Review: Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint

Two years have passed since the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-up was released, and we are now met with the next instalment of this female rapper’s career. The Pinkprint, released on December 12, is the third album of female rapper pioneer, Nicki Minaj, which was met by significant acclaim around the world. Having…


Cuba: A Caribbean Dream

Apart from the countless negative references made by the media, the Caribbean island of Cuba is a lot more than just the exaggerated drug lords you may see on television. This beautiful country, saturated in culture, brings out a joie de vivre to everyone that steps on to its ground. Bordering the Southern-East shore of…

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What Are You *Really* Listening To?

Even if they are part of your regular LCR pre-drink playlist, forget the silly sounds of Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe, or the cheery tones of Pharrell’s Fun,Fun,Fun; music of any genre isn’t always considered ‘fun and games’. In fact, it is our close relationship to music that can affect us in the inner most recesses…

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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Musik

Sadly, we can’t all be John Cusack in High Fidelity, and as such we don’t have the time to curate the perfect sex-mix. But for your general and listening pleasure, Mike Vinti, Myles Earle and Faith Ridler have gathered together to present Venue’s sexiest albums of all time XXYYXX XXYYXX Technically a mixtape but undeniably…

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