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Cuba: A Caribbean Dream

Apart from the countless negative references made by the media, the Caribbean island of Cuba is a lot more than just the exaggerated drug lords you may see on television. This beautiful country, saturated in culture, brings out a joie de vivre to everyone that steps on to its ground. Bordering the Southern-East shore of…

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What Are You *Really* Listening To?

Even if they are part of your regular LCR pre-drink playlist, forget the silly sounds of Nicki Minaj’s Stupid Hoe, or the cheery tones of Pharrell’s Fun,Fun,Fun; music of any genre isn’t always considered ‘fun and games’. In fact, it is our close relationship to music that can affect us in the inner most recesses…

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Blood, Sugar, Sex, Musik

Sadly, we can’t all be John Cusack in High Fidelity, and as such we don’t have the time to curate the perfect sex-mix. But for your general and listening pleasure, Mike Vinti, Myles Earle and Faith Ridler have gathered together to present Venue’s sexiest albums of all time XXYYXX XXYYXX Technically a mixtape but undeniably…

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Venue’s Artist of the Month

We’ve come to that time again where we take a look at Venue’s artist of the month. As this is the Sex Issue, we had to take a look at someone that just oozes sex appeal. Though many artists have come and gone, there is only one that is synonymous with sexiness; the King of…

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Why the Birdcage sings

The Birdcage, a fitting venue for music and culture, hosted local artists in The Birdcage Showcase for the Norwich Sound & Vision Festival on Thursday 8th October. Of course, the dim lighting and alt hip-hop provided the fresh atmosphere for underground and local artists to do what they do best. With a drink in hand,…


Is the New York on TV the ‘real’ New York?

When thinking about the Big Apple, we tend to relate it to popular American TV shows: Suits, Ugly Betty, even Brooklyn Nine-Nine. New York seems to be the place that is so well-captured on television; however the secrets of this city seem to be displaced from what is normally shown on screen. Important issues of…

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