Nathaniel Woo

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Words spoken, words transformed

If you spend your spare hours scouring through YouTube or sitting in candlelit pubs filled with scarf-wearing millennials, then you have probably encountered the phenomenon that is spoken word poetry. But for the sake of those oddly ‘social’ readers out there, perhaps the most comprehensive definition of spoken word would be: that thing that’s like…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Sagittarius Divide

It’s just me in my tea-stained skin, Jaundice like bad teeth, Watching sunnier and paler bodies Huddled in the rain. Me alone, a class of my own; My gaze bleaches and blemishes. It’s just me with wide-eyed insomnia, Stargazing through the window, Meditating on my Sagittarius divide, Calculating my distance through parallax. And they chase…