Nathan Packham


FA Cup re-discovers its magic

After a completely uninspiring FA Cup third round, the final death knell appeared to have sounded on the once ‘romantic’ and ‘giant-killing’ competition. There appeared nothing left to cling onto after Blyth Spartans gallant 3-2 loss at Birmingham and the likes of Dover and Gateshead were thrashed by Premier League opposition. Yet, critics should have…


Concrete Sport’s sexiest footballers of all time

Footballers can be an ugly bunch, wearing the scars of their exhaustive youth football programmes throughout their careers, leaving them unable to attain the sex symbol status often attributed to those in other popular industries. But sometimes superstars break the mould, with sophistication and good looks that leave those playing at their local park dreaming…


Live: Azealia Banks

There was excitement in the air and the expletives of 212 on everyone’s lips as Norwich prepared to experience hip hop’s dirtiest young female, Azealia Banks.

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