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What is beauty? Spotlight on: Ewa Juszkiewicz

Warsaw-based artist Ewa Juszkiewicz has been creating 18th and 19th Century-influenced portraiture for nearly 10 years, but they come with a twist. The subjects of her paintings always have their faces obscured, be it with a piece of cloth, plants and fungi, or elaborate arrangements of hair. The concept of these paintings? They shatter conventional…

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From page to screen: fashion on film

Costumes are fundamental to any film, but they are particularly important in adaptations of literature, an aspect that is often forgotten amid changes to plot and character. Costumes help bring characters to life on screen, and they are fantastic visual tools for telling us just who these characters are. The recent Netflix adaptation of Daphne…

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Is Historical Accuracy that important?

Yes, but it’s not everything. I love historical fiction, it’s one of my favourite genres. There is so much to love about it: intriguing storylines, beautiful costumes and extravagant houses and castles we can only dream of living in… but I also love history, so I’m known to nit-pick every time a show deviates from…

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The politics of dystopia: 1984

The world of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 is terrifying; it’s a world where people have fallen victim to an omnipresent government and constant surveillance, ensuring people are devoid of liberty and individuality. They have no choice but to conform to the will of Big Brother, a phrase that is now synonymous with totalitarian authority….


Here’s where I want to travel next…

As someone who loves travelling, I have found myself with quite the bucket list of places that I’d like to visit someday. Even those of you who aren’t avid travellers probably have some dream locations jotted down somewhere or discussed in a group chat. Here are just a couple of mine: I actually had one…


Sir Sean Connery dies aged 90

Sir Sean Connery has died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90. The Scottish actor, whose career spanned decades, was best known for his portrayal of James Bond, appearing in seven of the movies and being the first to bring the role to the big screen.   Connery was born 25 August 1930 in…

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