Nick Stokes

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Windrush fiasco causes Commonwealth tension

Controversy over the Home Office’s treatment of the “Windrush Generation” has continued, overshadowing the meeting of Commonwealth leaders in London this week. The controversy arose when members of the so-called “Windrush Generation” (named after one of the first boats that brought many migrants to the UK) were denied jobs, access to the NHS and were…


Catalonia: Crisis mounts

The situation in Catalonia is getting closer to breaking point, as the Spanish government has said it will meet to discuss invoking Article 155 of the national consitution. This would remove autonomy from Catalonia. The region’s leader Mr. Puigdemont has said the Parliament will vote on independence if Spain continues its repression. Direct rule from…


Flash flood emergency in South Asia

1,200 people have been killed by flooding in South Asia, which has affected India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This occured after a monsoon on 29 August Flooding was so severe in Mumbai that a four storey building collapsed onto a busy street as flood waters caused chaos across the country. Said building contained a nursery school…