Nick Brown

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Plan ahead and save yourself the nerves

Travelling alone can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re travelling in an area that you’re unfamiliar with. However, there are many ways to combat those nerves before setting off on your next adventure, but the best by far is writing an itinerary before embarking on your trip. The best way to write your itinerary…


Outbreak of the Zika virus in the Americas

At the beginning of the month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that the disease linked to the Zika virus had reached the level of a global emergency. This infection has been linked to cases of microcephaly, a condition where babies are born with underdeveloped brains, causing the head to be smaller in size compared…


New discovery suggests earlier human presence in the Arctic

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Science in Saint Petersburg have discovered a well-preserved mammoth carcass in Northwest Siberia. The bones of the extinct animal display distinctive cut marks, which could only have come from hunting and butchery tools made from stone and ivory materials. This discovery has allowed anthropologists and scientists to suggest that…

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