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Nicole Harmer


Sweeney Todd – review

"What's the sound of the world out there?'" Well, "It's man-devouring man my dear", and the cackling of the Norwich Theatre Royal as a...

The war on privacy

Venue assesses the moral complications that now shape celebrity status and privacy.

Caroline Bird at Norwich Arts Centre

Nicole Harmer found sanctuary from cold, snowy nights amongst poets and playwrights at Norwich Arts Centre.

Les Misérables – review

The magic of Les Misérables remains strong. It leaves you singing for revolution and love.

Student diets – why the stereotype?

Time to cook up a conclusion. Are students diets truly as bad as a not so fantastic Mr. Fox?

“Employment?” “Student” “So, you’re unemployed?”

Comment writer Nicole Harmer looks at the outsider's perspective on the often-criticised student lifestyle.