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True Detective: The Trouble With Women Is

This isn’t about the Bechdel test. This isn’t about groundbreaking narratives, six minute long unedited shots, or how we may be entering the best years ever for quality television. This isn’t about satanic murders in southern America inspired by true events. This is about how one of televisions best shows in years highlights a binary…


Nour Ibrahim talks Fargo’s Molly

It’s not hard to love Molly Solverson, and it’s not hard because she’s the only intelligent life there seems to be on FX’s Fargo, a loose, serialised re-telling of the Coen Brothers’ classic film of the same name. Unless of course you consider Malvo, but he’s a homicidal psychopath and we really shouldn’t be sympathising…


Nour Ibrahim puts Tony Soprano on the couch. Again.

The mob boss, the family man, the plain old aging man. Our fascination with disgusting, tortured men who do bad things (not quite the rebel with a heart of gold) can be traced back to just before the millennium and the appearance of one Tony Soprano. The Sopranos ushered in the very bloody era of the…

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Teenage dreamers

You have your audience: the teens. Then you also have their parents. Take, for example, the US remake of the beloved British teen drama Skins. It was cancelled by MTV after one season of only ten episodes. Why? It was too risqué for Americans. Advertisers withdrew their support due to low ratings, and controversy over…

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Review: Fargo

“But I’ve already seen Fargo!” No you haven’t, shut up. Inspired by the film of the same name by the Coen brothers’ (who act as executive producers), this new FX show is brought to you by writer Noah Hawley. A loose adaptation of the film, Hawley picks and chooses from the original to create his…

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Review: Rectify

Having spent the last year studying abroad at the University of Mississippi, I had myself a gen-u-ine ‘Murican experience, which especially goes for all things (fried) food and all things TV. Though naturally inclined towards all things Southern, Rectify, set in Georgia, didn’t immediately appeal. The main reason was learning it was crime/prison “who-done-it” show….

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