Oliver Shrouder

Creative Writing

The Monkey

Two men and a monkey sat between them, blinking up but never making noise, both there and not there, never seen (by others) until it leaps out screeching when their hands or their lips touch screeching when they cross each street corner screeching in every public night screeching when a row of men saunter, ten…

Creative Writing, Venue

Puddle Jumping

A month with no colour, no snow, a thick puffer jacket pulled over two red ears against a thudding Arctic bite; the boy treads on, warm and shuffling  up the garden path happy simply for the freedom  of the winds. The world is his: he sees no fence but the stretch of grass that coils…

Creative Writing, Venue

Gone for Good

I was convinced she would have come back,             (even though she had tucked our spaniel pup             into the back of her Ford, caged up next to              her bedside radio, shaped like a fridge             bundled corduroy shirts, denim skirts,             a mirror punctured with the prongs of a fork,             her toothbrush and spitefully mine) until I found…

Creative Writing, Venue

The Attic Head

The ceramics teacher wanted to make mothers of us, ‘Make yourself in your image,’ and we all got to work, squeezing these wet slabs, pressing, thumbing, stretching lids over eyes, strands over scalps, building a mirror from the dust that layered every hand.   Back from the kiln, the ward, its birthing heat, and I…


Sports Team Gig Review

Sports Team is a six-piece indie rock band from Cambridge, brings its swathe of indie revival to Norwich. To see them in concert is perhaps best summarised by the words of the vocalist himself, stating ‘you’re young, you’re engaged, I just play stuff and you mosh to it.’ Each song carries a tongue-in-cheek tone, always…

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January 2022
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