Olivia Minnock


The student union voting system needs a shake up

In an earlier issue of Concrete, the front page bore the headline “Union Elections Open to Abuse” and Editor-in-Chief, Geri Scott wrote an article reporting on an error on the UEA SU website and explaining for lay people like myself what that meant. In case you missed it, here’s what all the kerfuffle was about:…


Is “I was drunk” an acceptable excuse?

Every once in a while I go for a cup of coffee with a friend of mine and in all our infinite wisdom we put the world to rights. The other week we got onto the topic of alcohol, which would appear to be everywhere at university, as is to be expected. My friend and…


Obesity: is television to blame?

Weeks ago I was incensed by a news report (cue my first rant for Christmas) stating that when children become teenagers their diet deteriorates because they suddenly have control and responsibility over what they eat. In my mind, this is totally false. On my 13th birthday, I don’t recall my mother handing over the reins…

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