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Medicinal cannabis on path for legalisation

It is now September. The long days of summer are fleeting, and autumn will soon be in our midst. While the green leaves turn into sunsets on the trees, a different type of greenery is soon to be available to purchase for “exceptional circumstances”. As of this new season, specialist doctors in the UK will…


Tasmanian devils on the decline

The Tasmanian devil, not the beloved childhood cartoon but real life animal is declinging in population number. According to a study published by the Journal of Applied Ecology, are facing extinction due to a very rare disease called Devil facial tumour disease (DFTD). Cancer is the disese found in this species, which is spread by…


Tropical rainforest slows down global warming

In the last few decades, thousands of scientists have dedicated their lives to reducing carbon emissions and helping save the planet. Now, it seems like something is finally working; tropical forest reserves are preventing the release of three times as much carbon into the atmosphere as the UK emits each year. Leading in this field…


Chimpanzees’ intelligence exceeds expectations

After new observations, researchers have discovered that, when provided with them, chimpanzees can use tools spontaneously and correctly to solve problems. As a race, we often deliberate over Darwin’s theory of evolution and our biological history with apes. Partnered with the University of Tuibigen, Germany, observations were conducted to track the use of tool-like behaviours…


Black hole at heart of Milky Way

Scientists have detected a black hole 100,000 times bigger than the size of our sun, at the heart of the Milky Way. Using a radio telescope’s intense resolution and revolutionising sensitivity called the Alma, Japanese astronomers could detect it residing in a cloud of molecular dust. The astronomers, at a site in the Andes, northern…


Two and a half decades of opinion

The end of apartheid? South Africa’s apartheid system was a structure of institutionalised racial segregation and discrimination, involving the separation of individual’s housing areas, employment and the use of public facilities on the basis of race. From the 1940s, South Africa saw the classification of all into four societal groups: ‘White’, ‘Black’, ‘Coloured’, and ‘Indian’….


Breakthrough in artificial embryo research

Earlier this month, something occurred in a laboratory in Cambridge University that may shed new light on the beauty of creation and life. A three-dimensional artificial mouse embryo model was produced. Essentially, the embryo was made by combining together two different stem cells. One stem cell would make the foetus and the other, the placenta….

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January 2022
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