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America: a structured jumble

America is 30 Seconds To Mars’ fifth album and has been an uncomfortably long wait following 2013’s exemplary Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. America is a more politically charged affair – frontman Jared Leto has been inspired by the current American climate with many songs exploring themes such as politics, sex and fame. The artwork…


Downsizing: a film of two halves

Downsizing, director Alexander Payne’s latest film, is an interesting beast in a strong body of work. Set in a near future, the narrative utilises the lofty concept of “downsizing”: the irreversible process of shrinking humans down to approximately five inches tall as means of combating overpopulation. Opening in a world where both normal and “downsized”…

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Stereophonics’ solid tenth outing

Scream Above The Sounds is the tenth album by Welsh rock band Stereophonics. Their last two albums, 2013’s Graffiti On The Train and 2015’s Keep The Village Alive, were particularly strong and rank among some of the band’s best works. The album is inspired both by current events in the world and lead singer Kelly…


10 wild movies

Bikini Girls on Ice: At some point a group of film executives must have been chatting. They want to make a horror film, but how to make the absolute lowest common denominator enjoy it? Thus Bikini Girls on Ice was born, a film which I’m sorry to say I caught on TV. When the historians…


The Responsibility of Marketing

Whilst 2017 continues to churn out endless sequels and big-budget franchise films, there hasn’t been a shortage of smaller, original works. Two particularly prominent films are Darren Aronofsky’s mother! and Trey Edward Shults’ It Comes At Night. Both films were sadly notable for their unfavourable audience ratings, with mother! famously receiving an F on CinemaScore….

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10 great spy films

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Originally derided, OHMSS has been steadily reappraised down the years and is now (rightly) considered one of the best Bond films. With Diana Rigg stealing the show, an amazing alpine location and the most emotional conclusion to a 007 adventure, it was ahead of its time and blew us away….

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IT is the highly anticipated film adaptation of the 1986 Stephen King novel, focusing on the cursed town of Derry, Maine. This is where a demonic presence (taking the form of Pennywise the dancing clown) terrorises and murders children every 27 years, shapeshifting into their worst nightmares. The narrative follows a group of misfit children…

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