Patrick Hughes


Review – Spotlight

It is the start of the year and must-see films are being released left, right, and centre just in time for the Academy Awards. Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight is a film that has had Oscar buzz surrounding it months before its U.K release. With come-back actor Michael Keaton, super-hero Mark Ruffalo, and the always brilliant Rachel…

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Review: Macbeth

Everyone remembers reading Shakespeare at school and each of us will have had varying experiences (mainly terrible experiences, right?). Men in tights speaking a language nobody understands whilst a teacher tells you that this is the most important literary work since, well, ever. However, presented in the right way Shakespeare can meet all of the…

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Review: Everest

Are you the type of person who still wears a jumper in summer? Gets brain freeze from ice-cream? Or has to watch Happy Feet 2 with a hot water bottle under a winter duvet? If so, chilling blockbuster Everest is may not be the film for you. Everest begins with the coming together of climbers…