Patrick Wiseman

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An introduction to table football

One of UEA’s smaller but most fun sporting societies is Table Football. Secretary Patrick Wiseman tells Concrete about his society… The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ may apply to most things, but it certainly doesn’t to table football – you get far more than what you pay for! The joining fee is just…


What does a “People’s Vote” actually mean?

Amber Rudd has said “a people’s vote could be the result of an impasse” and it would be “preferable to no deal”. Yet again, it’s more proof if any were still needed that a ‘People’s Vote’ is really just a smokescreen for arrogant, sneering, ivory-tower elitists who still can’t get over the fact they lost….


Should cheaters be allowed back in the ring?

Wherever there is competition people will try to get a “leg up” on their opponent. Good sportsmanship has an inherent quality of honesty, integrity, fair competition, and a level playing field. However, the nature and integrity of sport is destroyed when someone cheats or has an unfair advantage. For the glory to be deserved, and…

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