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Peter Sheehan

Still faffing around after three years at Concrete, Peter is back for a second year as deputy editor. Presumably that means that last year wasn’t a complete disaster, but you never can tell… Peter has pledged to spend this year delegating as much work as possible to his colleagues, thus leaving him free to further his long-standing efforts to become Concrete’s one-man answer to Peter Mandelson and Malcolm Tucker.

Another week in Brexit

It was, I think, when I went to the office next to mine to use the scanner, only to emerge after a 20-minute Brexit...

Boris, chaos and Corbyn: we need Cher

Apocalypse watchers are advised to get their bets in now. End-time odds have shortened considerably since Boris Johnson’s appointment as Foreign Secretary, and the...

Union election results 2016

The results of the elections for full- and part-time officer positions at the Union of UEA Students were announced last night. Jo Swo was re-elected...

Save Our Union – from its own financial blunders

The Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) is experiencing financial difficulty after it underestimated costs in its July 2015-16 budget by £160,000, a Concrete investigation...

UEA plans year-on-year rise in profit from halls rent

The university is set to increase rent for on-campus accommodation by an above-inflation 3.4% each year in a bid to increase the profit it...

Former UEA student convicted of aggravated trespass over Heathrow protest

A former UEA student has been found guilty of aggravated trespass at Willesden Magistrates’ Court after cutting through the perimeter fence of Heathrow airport...