Phoebe Harper

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Botticelli and Birtwell, Caravaggio and the Krays

Fashion and art: two whopping juggernauts constantly intertwining in a weird Torvill and Dean-esque manner on the frontlines of contemporary culture. The two complement and inform each other, fashion being somewhat greedier in harvesting inspiration and references from aeons of art’s historical practice. To this day a wound festers betwixt the two, rearing its head…

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Reviewing Music Videos

Rihanna x Kanye West x Paul McCartney FourFiveSeconds Forget assassination in a station, or rude girl hip thrusting, butt bouncing, rainbow tripping trips. FourFiveSeconds takes us back to black and white cinematography and simplistic slow close ups. A new, exciting world where Paul McCartney is friends with Kanye and the long awaited triumph of denim-on-denim…

Arts, OldVenue

The Sickness of Collecting: Inside Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders

Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders works on the level of a glorious picture book littered with fascinating glimpses into this lonely eccentric’s extraordinary lifestyle. The book, although a relentless visual feast, gives a real insight into the sufferings of an eternal aesthete and the sickness of collecting, a seemingly interminable addiction (I would perhaps propose…

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Grange Days

My excitement at the thought of seeing Kyla la Grange increased rapidly as the intimacy of the venue became apparent, the result of which being that I actually bumped into the minute songstress herself a solid three times before she went on stage. As venues go, the Arts Centre proved idyllic for Kyla. The incredible…

June 2021
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