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Knighthoods, new projects and box office records

Del Toro lines up new projects; Skyfall breaks records; Branagh collects knighthood

Sparks in the Park

Sparks in the Park returned to Earlham Park as part of this year’s Bonfire Night. Check out these photos from Twitter and Instagram.

Review: Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Brilliant and colourful, Madagascar 3 is wasted on anybody that isn't captivated by dazzling animation.

Hidden gems of Norwich

Features writer Rachael Lum reveals some of Norwich’s best-kept secrets

South Korea’s dark entertainment industry

South Korea’s billion-dollar cultural exports have attracted worldwide interest but the country’s entertainment industry is darkened by exploitation, sexual assault and suicide.

Review: Propeller’s adaptation of Henry V

In their interpretation of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Propeller add creative twists, hilarity and personality.