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Authors Posts by Rahul Mehta

Rahul Mehta


The Revolution Will Not Be Sponsored

Black Lives Matter. It’s a movement, an organisation, a slogan – all centred around a clear, simple statement. From it stems all...

On The Fabric of the Human Body

I hear it whispered over cadavers, Declared in lecture halls: Our bodies are architecture,

Sweet Plum

Truth means many things to different people. For Mr Prakash Shah, resident of Flat 7, Edgefield Gardens, the truth was that he...


The razors are conspiring again. Planning their death at His hands. One suggests nicking His cheek, its legacy a single scarlet bead...

Granny’s in the Attic

Mum and Dad say Granny is buried in a cemetery next to Grandpa and Aunty Susan. They say she died in her sleep on...

I Remember Cruelty

“Next!” She began the slow shuffle to the counter. Her timid feet dragged beneath her. Hands clawed in silent pain, she forced a meek smile...