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Sweet Plum

Truth means many things to different people. For Mr Prakash Shah, resident of Flat 7, Edgefield Gardens, the truth was that he had been duped, betrayed, stabbed in the back. He had been destined for the upper echelons of power: a seat on the Harrow Town Council. This truth led to other truths: the new…

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The razors are conspiring again. Planning their death at His hands. One suggests nicking His cheek, its legacy a single scarlet bead of blood before it is cast into the dustbin below. The other scolds it for its violence, proposing instead to perform so poorly in its sole function that it leaves an uneven stubble…

Creative Writing


“I am the roots that grew where sari hems met England’s paved streets, Probing deeper, deeper for life, hope and, one day, belonging. I am the roots massaged with coconut oil and haldi paste by mother’s tired hands, Easing a mind knotted with sleepless nights and jobless days. I am fellow roots from distant lands…

Creative Writing, Venue

Rupa’s quick-n-easy existential crisis

I usually make this dish for my family on Sundays, but it’s honestly up to you when to cook it. Just remember that it’s not animal-friendly, so don’t go serving it to your pets or in-laws. Everything in this dish is organic, free-range, vegan, gluten-free, and still quite delicious. Please note that the ingredients list…

Creative Writing


“We’ve distilled every fear into this pill. Consider it the closest you’ll get to Hell while you still have a heartbeat.” With a pitch like that, how could he resist? Perhaps it was the alpha male masculinity coursing his veins, or that dull plateau in life wedged between the racing 20s and the mellow 40s….

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September 2021
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