Rahul Mehta

Creative Writing

To exist [Yujad]

Kneeling before the Most High Forehead to floor Mumbling mantras which echo Through the ether. Prayers uttered by Kings and paupers Sermons timeless in their wisdom. Routine is the antidote to chaos, The sweet elixir of serenity, And her prayer mat was an oasis Sheltering her from stares, words, poison. But a mat needs space…

Creative Writing


Technicolour migraine Death approaches through a meadow Open the doors to the dreamscape When head meets pillow. Paralysing fear or spastic emotion Psychedelic backdrop to warped truth. Loosen the belt on your imagination, Where dissolving memories are your only proof. Broken-winged birds lie on barren land, My body arches beneath soaked sheet. What is there…

Creative Writing, Venue


If you have a chance to visit my city, Aleppo, Amidst the fractured ruins and twisted metal, Do please look for the broken heart I buried once in a blood-stained scarf. I watched my child’s first steps in the streets; The same place I felt her last heartbeats. We often sang under an audience of…

Creative Writing

Table for two

A scene set to the purr of a jazz quartet The door swings open and in she steps. He loses control of his lower jaw, She stumbles as her shoe catches on the floor. They meet with timid smiles and fragile eyes, And wrestle with words to break the ice. Talk turns to the menu,…

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July 2021
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